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Glowing With Joy From My June Cannabake Box

CannaLance loves everything about the incredible cannabis plant. We spend a lot of our time advocating for legalization and helping to facilitate the education pertaining to cannabis. By helping individuals build their dreams wordsmithing content-specific to the industry, we hope to help change outdated cannabis prohibition laws. While doing what we love doing we often [...]

Cannapause- Cannabis for Menopause

It is without a doubt that women can benefit from cannabis consumption in many ways. It is also undeniable that there are many things that women endure during their lives in which the herb can play a large factor in providing relief from such as menstrual cycles, PMS, cramps and the many other great things that come along with being a female.

World’s First Cannabis Gym Opening Soon

By: Jacob Priest of CannaLance Cannabis has been consumed by many individuals around the world for thousands of years. Did anybody ever utilize the plant's benefits for physical fitness and overall health in wide practice? Many may think that cannabis and fitness would work like chairs on stairs, but the benefits will likely surprise you. [...]