#BeBraveForCannabis Social Media Campaign

Are you a medical cannabis patient or refugee? Do you utilize cannabis for therapeutic or medical purposes? Has cannabis provided you with a higher quality of life? If so the time is now for you to be brave for cannabis! Three female-owned Michigan cannabis companies have joined together to create a social media campaign urging cannabis medical patients and those who utilize or support cannabis for therapeutic and medical purposes to share their stories to help bring awareness to why cannabis needs to be legalized worldwide.

The #BeBraveForCannabis social media campaign will run on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from September 12th until September 19th. Individuals who utilize cannabis for medical purposes come from a wide variety of backgrounds, are of many different ages, and are finding relief from many different conditions. By participating in this social media campaign, you will not only help bring awareness to why cannabis should be legalized worldwide, but you will also be helping to change the face of cannabis while breaking down the negative stereotypes that still surround it today.

There are many ways to participate in the Be Brave for Cannabis campaign! You can upload a video of you sharing your story about how cannabis has helped you to one or all three of the social media platforms. You can go live on Facebook discussing how cannabis has helped improve your quality of life or you can simply publish a post showing your support for cannabis legalization. Remember to use the following hashtags on any post made to be part of the campaign!

#BeBraveForCannabis #BetterTogether #ShareYourStory #BeBrave



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