World’s First Cannabis Gym Opening Soon

By: Jacob Priest of CannaLance

Cannabis has been consumed by many individuals around the world for thousands of years. Did anybody ever utilize the plant’s benefits for physical fitness and overall health in wide practice? Many may think that cannabis and fitness would work like chairs on stairs, but the benefits will likely surprise you.

The World’s first cannabis gym is about to open this year in San Francisco. Gym owner Jim McAlpine believes cannabis is one of many important ways to maintain focus, meditation and overall wellness. Fitness enthusiasts will be able to consume cannabis before and after each workout. What makes Power Plant Fitness different is that they’re not just a gym, but also a full health and wellness center.

Several Power Planet Fitness trainers also have a well understanding of physiology, and working together they can help to infuse cannabis into your routine to improve performance. Members will be able to consume their own cannabis in the gym or try Power Plants line of edibles which McApline states are “made for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery.”

Combining cannabis into this the fitness community is a great way to spread the true benefits of the plant. Progression with cannabis and fitness looks to be going well with lots of professional athletes supporting cannabis. From Nick Diaz to Eugene Monroe you can find athletes from all major sport leagues coming out of the cannabis closet.


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