Cannasseur Pueblo West Offers Elegance, Organics and Class Cultivated On Site

Cannasseur 5
Cannasseur in West Pueblo is simply divine. As soon as you walk through the door, you will be greeted by one of their amazing, upbeat and knowledgeable staff members as well as the sweet aroma of their signature strains emanating through the air.

Cannasseur 1

This very classy establishment features beautiful cannabis artwork, and a luxurious waiting area complete with leather seats. If you have to wait a few moments before heading back to the budtender area, there are plenty of cannabis publications for you to enjoy such as The Emerald Magazine, The Hemp Connoisseur and Culture Magazine.

Cannasseur 6Once it’s your turn to visit the budtender area, you will walk through a door, and it’s like walking into a whole other world. On many days, you will see a room length window through which you can see the beautiful plants currently being cultivated by Cannasseur on site. If you have never seen the “behind the scenes” of a commercial cannabis grow operation, this will captivate you beyond belief.

Cannasseur 4Once you have taken in the sights, a budtender will be waiting to assist you with making your selection and purchase.The selection of products at Cannasseur is incredible. They offer everything from delectable house strains such as Purple Urkle, Blue Dream, Armageddon, and Flo to concentrates, topicals and even accessories such as bongs, pipes, dab rigs, dab straws and more!

All of the flowers/buds sold at Cannasseur are grown on location by hand. Their organic grow methods and commitment to hand harvesting, trimming and curing are evident in all of their delectable cannabis strains. DabTek concentrates are always in stock for a great price and made from herb cultivated by Cannasseur.

Cannasseur 2

Marijuana Writers visits Cannasseur often as the price, and quality is always consistent, and the atmosphere is always inviting. Cannasseur in Pueblo West is a full recreational establishment located at 41 North Precision Dr, Pueblo West, Colorado 81007.

Cannasseur 3

I have never had the honor of visiting but they also offer a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs located at 2304 E Platte Ave where we are sure you will receive the greatest of care and the finest of products just as you would at their rec store in Pueblo.

If you are a Colorado resident or plan to visit CO in the coming days, we would highly recommend that you stop by Cannasseur and say high!

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