OverGrow Canada and Over Come the Negative Stigma

Medical marijuana legalization is amazing! It provides many individuals the ability to legally medicate with cannabis rather than harmful narcotics and pharmaceutical medications. However, this medicine is not obtainable for many as it is very expensive in most places and is of course not covered by insurance like traditional medications.

Luckily though in many places where medical marijuana is legalized, patients are allowed to grow their own medication or designate a caregiver to do so. This allows patients the ability to medicate with cannabis while only having to pay the costs associated with obtaining seeds or clones and cultivating them into medicine.

In Canada, a recent court ruling has approved some medical marijuana patients the ability to grow their own medicine at home. This is incredible and will allow many Canadians access to marijuana that previously could not obtain it due to costs.

The infamous political cannabis activist in Canada by the name of Dana Larsen is looking to help these individuals obtain cannabis seeds at no cost through his OverGrow Canada Campaign. Dana Larsen is giving away 1 million cannabis seeds to medical marijuana patients across the country so that they can cultivate their own cannabis at home.


He hopes that this will not only allow people to start their own cannabis gardens but to also remove the stigma associated with growing cannabis all while showing the Canadian government that Canadians are responsible enough to grow their own cannabis and should be allowed to do so. All that medical marijuana patients in Canada have to do to receive their free seeds is register on the OverGrow Canada website here, and free seeds will be shipped to them.

Thank you, Dana Larsen, for all that you have done for the cannabis legalization movement in Canada as well as all you do for medical marijuana patients in the country. You are a true Green Leaf Warrior.

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