Bernard Noble Marijuana Possesion Sentence is an Outrage


In marijuana news, Bernard Noble was arrested in the state of Louisiana and sentenced to an unfair prison sentence for the marijuana possession. Bernard Noble had the equivalent of about two joints or at best two or three grams of marijuana on him when police searched him and was sentenced to 13.3 years in prison. This amount of marijuana is completely legal in some states.


This is 13.3 years doing hard labor without the eligibility for parole. Mr. Bernard Noble was a working father who was as they call it, gainfully employed. Bernard has no history of any violent crimes or any serious crimes for that matter at all. The prison sentence that Bernard Nobel received from the state of Louisiana will cost the taxpayers there an estimated quarter of a million dollars. Not to mention it will rob this father from his family for more than a decade.


This is an absurd atrocity, and the governor of Louisiana must issue a gubernatorial reprieve. Contact the governor of Louisiana’s office and let them know that you stand behind Bernard Noble and demand a gubernatorial reprieve. This is an unjust sentence that should never be issued to anyone anywhere!

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