Buy Local This Holiday Season And Make Your green Count

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With less than ten days till Christmas time, many people are either finishing up shopping for their holiday season, or they’re just getting started. No matter whether you are looking for the perfect holiday gift or stuffing stockings be sure to buy local. Help support your community as well as a financial structure of small businesses across America by buying products from local craftsmen and artisans.

Local pipe shops, clothing stores, and handmade arts and crafts are great gifts.

When you buy products from local mom and pop shops and individuals within the community, you are helping to create a better holiday for these individuals as well as supporting the infrastructure of America. Corporate stores get our money far too often. They track our every move with analytic data based on our spending habits. They have no personal connection to the products they carry or to the people they sell them to.

You Know What Feels Good

Do you want to experience a truly great feeling this holiday season? If you said yes then here’s what you do. Buy local! It feels so good when you purchase an item that is handmade from someone who has a passion for their art. You get a high-quality product compared to mass produced merchandise.

Everything imaginable is available today in your own community. All you have to do is look around. Many of these individuals with small businesses also offer gift certificates and gift cards. So this holiday season,¬†whether you’re just starting your shopping or finishing it up, help make a local business owners life a little easier while supporting the American economy at the same time.


Buy American, buy local, and buy with pride. Thank you for taking the time to read our advice. We hope that you have a safe and happy holiday season. From all of us here at Marijuana Writers, we wish you peace on earth.

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