Time to Tell Them How We Feel About OxyContin for Our Youth

When did we become a nation that is ok with our youth being prescribed drugs by a medical professional that are proven to kill? Or a nation that is alright with denying a plant placed here by God that is proven to heal? In case you’re not familiar with what I am speaking of I am referencing the recent decision by the FDA to prescribe OxyContin to children as young as 11 years old. That’s right, doctor’s can now prescribe OxyContin to 11-year-olds but CBD a natural extract of a plant is denied despite being proven to save lives. There is an epidemic in the United States with prescription Opioid abuse and overdoses. Did the FDA forget about this or do they just not care? I think it is high time that we remind them and demand that they do something to save our children. They need to rescue our youth from the grasp and control that pharmaceutical companies possess with their PainKILLERS. They need to legalize the right to treat conditions and ailments with a safe and natural alternative as well. As parents and adults it is our responsibility to do something. Contact the FDA. Send an inquiry to the White House. Email your state representatives. Whatever it is that we have to do to prevent this is just what we will do.

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4 thoughts on “Time to Tell Them How We Feel About OxyContin for Our Youth

  1. Wow! Such a shame our youth will have to suffer the same problems as our generations of prolonged overuse of drugs that are designed to cause problems that need more drugs. Whatever medical condition people have, if they’re told by a medical professional they need drugs, they should be allowed the drug that’s best for them as an individual. Thanks for informing me on this matter.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and we’ll be voicing our opinions through contacting theWhite House as well as spreading knowledge. It only takes one to tip the scale, to change it all, stay lifted friend!


      1. Easy to make time for a subject I love so much! Good luck

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