CBD Oil May Save Children, Why Do Politicians Let The Kids Suffer

CBD Oil is helping children across the country. CBD Oil is nearly stopping dozens of violent seizures a day, giving children the ability to speak for the first time ever and has even killed that’s right killed cancer in an 8 month old baby. Politicians apparently would rather watch these children suffer and make excuses on why than to just help these kids. Last I checked this was The United States. When did it become a political choice to allow our American Citizens to suffer and die because of a racist outdated law? Here is a link to contact The White House and ask why. https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

Don’t let these children suffer any longer while politicians continue to make deals with the Pharmaceutical Industry. Why do these kids take on average 20 pills a day that have no results? Somebody is getting rich that’s why! I will not stop until these kids get a chance a life that they should be given. I lost a son to Menkes Disease. He had dozens of micro seizures a day that CBD Oil could have prevented. He will never know if it could have worked. Don’t let this happen to another parent!

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