Extra Extra Read All About It! The Green Rush is Here!

The Green Rush is here. At least that's what people are calling the multi billion dollar cannabis industry. That's because cannabis is big business! According to Forbes, cannabis was worth an estimated 6.1 billion in 2016. There's no sign of the progress slowing down in the future either. The market for Mary Jane is expected to hit 30+ billion by 2021! Bloomberg predicts the market will hit 50 billion a year within the next decade. With that in mind, now's the time to build your cannabis business. Content wordsmithed to perfection with SEO in mind will help you get the valuable ranking your site needs. CannaLance can help you with your social media too! A strong social media presence is essential in business today. Your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts can offer you the opportunity to reach tens of thousands even millions of potential customers. Are you ready for the Green Rush?



Cannabis blogs, articles, and web copy are not something you want just any writer to do. CannaLance can do it for you though. With a lifetime (40 years) vested in the cannabis culture and community, the husband and wife team of James and Ashley Priest here at CannaLance canna get the job done.

We love this plant and would love to offer you the personal touch we provide here at CannaLance. Cannabis businesses today are merging into a legal market making a huge presence. A presence that is creating a multibillion-dollar market. Having your presence worded to perfection on your website, blog, and social media platforms are vitally important for your success.

A simple misphrasing of common cannabis terminology can have your potential customers going elsewhere to spend or find their green. When you’re looking for smoking cannabis content that speaks to your audience, look no further than CannaLance Freelance Writing Services.

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