James and Ashley Priest Owners and Writers at CannaLance
James and Ashley Priest Owners and Writers at CannaLance

Who is CannaLance?

CannaLance is your freelance cannabis services provider. We’re a family owned and operated business that would love to be a part of your family. We’re a husband and wife team (James and Ashley Priest) who are inspired to help facilitate knowledge about cannabis. James was born into the cannabis culture. It’s been a part of his life, his entire life. He knows the struggles of having a criminal record for cannabis and how hard this makes it on others. Ashley, like so many discovered cannabis in her teenage years. Herb helped keep Ashley from developing illicit drug habits like the many that plague so many who grew up in Tennessee.

We lost our son Xander to Menkes Disease (a rare genetic disorder) at the age of 11 months old and we later learned cannabis may have helped tremendously. This sparked our desire to help inform the world about this plant. Conveying factual information about cannabis while cultivating and answering questions about the emerging green industry is a daily passion. Our daughter and son (Amber and Jacob Priest) also contribute to the team. Together our family is here to help you with a multitude of different tasks that you may have.




What CannaLance Does

Writing can be hard. Trying to get the words in your head to come out is easier said than done for many people. All too often when trying to articulate on and express their thoughts people run into a wall. That wall is thick and not made of bricks but instead, blocks. Writer’s block and that particular type of block is strong. It costs lots of money consuming valuable time. Has this happened to you?

Maybe you just don’t have the time to sit down and wordsmith engaging original content. If this is you then hiring a good freelance writer like the ones in our family may be just the thing you need to help unblock writer’s block or get the content you need in time, when time, is what you’re short on. At CannaLance, plain and simple, we write.

We love to write and always have. Now that passion is our pleasure as we do it daily. It’d be our pleasure to apply that passion to writing for you. From blogs to bios, press releases, website content, product descriptions, email campaigns and more, we write `em all. Pretty much wherever words are needed about cannabis we’ll write `em. We also do freelance photography and social media management!


When it All Started

Back in 2015 sitting in our bedroom in Beaver Dam Wisconsin, a thought germinated. We wanted to write about cannabis and tell the world about the lies being spread by the government and other supporters of cannabis prohibition. This thought quickly sprouted into a dream, that quickly flowered into a reality we called Marijuana Writers. We knew we needed a website to advertise our business. With no knowledge of how to build a website and no money to pay someone else to build one, we did what any educated person would do and hit the books and haven’t stopped since.

We played with several web hosts before finding one we could work with. With a simple drag and drop platform and $30 a month we manifested our dream into a reality. After a year as Marijuana Writers we decided to rebrand our business to CannaLance. 2 years later of reading countless articles on SEO and attending online SEO courses we’ve made it to the next point of our journey. That next point is, working with you. We’d be honored if you’d let CannaLance put our years of cannabis knowledge and all of our knowledge about SEO to work for you.




Where You Can Find Work By CannaLance

Type in CannaLance in your browser and you’ll find us. We have been at it for over 2 years. You can find our content in The Emerald Magazine and on Expert Joints, CannaBakeBox, Cannabis Bob, CannaCloset, Edible-Cannabis.com, Weed Sheets, WeedReader, and our blog here at CannaLance. You may have read something we articulated upon and never even knew it as we have completed many ghostwriting assignments as well for clients around the globe. No matter if you’re looking for a writer or ghostwriter CannaLance would love to be your go-to source for all your cannabis content needs.

Cannabis Writing Services
A Single Seed Can Tip the Scales

Why Do Business With CannaLance

Because we are a small mom and pop business that depends on you. If you don’t grow we don’t grow with you. Your success is our success as this is how we make a living. While it’s not fame and fortune the rewards of our labor is great. Helping to convey the thoughts and dreams of ourselves and others is a blessing we’re thankful for every day. Find out what it’s like to be treated like a person instead of a piece of currency when you do business with us here at CannaLance. We’re ready and waiting to pour our heart and soul into your project, business, or cause. Contact us today and see the difference a family makes when it comes to your needs. The Priest family at CannaLance is waiting to be your knight in shining armor.


How  Buying Content At CannaLance Works

Send us $1000 to start. JUST KIDDING! Contact us via one of many different options to discuss what you’re looking for and to figure out a content strategy that’s right for you and your budget. Once we develop the content requirements and a price that will treat you right has been agreed upon we will complete your assignment promptly. Upon completion and acceptance of the content, you’ll be invoiced via PayPal in which prompt payment is greatly appreciated. CannaLance reserves all rights to any written content or photography until payment is received. All social media management services are to be paid up front and in full.